The Lowdown Y Is A Crooked Letter

[Zum; 2003]

Styles: noise rock, noise-core
Others: Erase Errata, Numbers, The Blood Brothers

Simmering in the underground all year long, noise-core is the ugly stepchild of the 2003 independent music scene. Thanks to drum machines, an interest in no-wave and post-punk, and too many recording labels owned by rich college kids looking for something more aggressive than punk rock, noise-core bands have been making album after album of completely worthless, totally amateurish thrash that can only appeal to the lowest common denominator of acne-ridden teenagers.
2003 sees The Lowdown releasing their sophomore album, Y Is a Crooked Letter. A collection of 16 tracks of useless noise and devoid of any redeeming quality, the album is a mess of distortion, echoplex, free jazz, and undecipherable rants. The lack of hooks, rhythm, taste, or style differs only slightly from similar artists in this way-overpopulated genre. But if there’s anything that separates The Lowdown from the rest of the pack, it would have to be their ability to piece together an album 36 minutes long that is able to insult listeners consistently without any deviation.

1. sfdario
2. smooth hall
3. cyclops
4. I'll turn your blood into ants
5. soh toh rah mah
6. ass dragger & the acid dragon
7. fuck your moves dancehall reprise
8. horror dog
9. phuck q revolution
10. garble yarb
11. total shutup
12. young lovers
13. balmies
14. yay, yay, hooray
15. clangers
16. my friend sue

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