Mcenroe Disenfranchised 2 / Funny Farm 2

[Peanuts & Corn; 2005]

Styles: good ole underground Canadian hip-hop
Others: Pip Skid, Epic, Moka Only, Buck65, DJ Moves, Birdapres, Yy, John Smith

My mother once told me that I'd get a hell of a lot more done if I would just relax and calm down. Mcenroe is cool, calm, collected, poised, laidback, and any other synonym that works there. If my mother's credo is true, Mcenroe's work ethic and output reflect that belief, as does his music. Choosing to never allow himself to be caught up in the anti-mainstream trends and the subsequent underground trends, he's carved a significant little niche for him and his crew.

Mcenroe's consistency also breeds confinement. The steady output of records by he and his cronies doesn't allow off-periods or breaks. That dedication and hard work is good and all, but it can also be limiting. Natural progression is stifled when listeners are continuously hit with releases. It's a double-edge sword-swallowing performance for Mcenroe. No one really has the right to tell a man to stop working so hard, but his growth as an artist may suffer for it.

This EP gives us our expected dose of Mcenroe. The production is crisp, the thoughtful themes are clear, and the lyrics are embarrassingly honest. Mcenroe's voice is mid-afternoon nap fresh -- lazy, yet inviting. Casual Peanuts & Corn listeners may be bored with his music, but diehard fans will surely accept it as another enlightening glimpse into their favorite rapper's commonality.

The tail-end of this release belongs to Pip Skid. With only four songs to Mcenroe's six, Pip makes the most of his minutes. You'll notice Pip Skid's voice and tone is a tad bit more aggressive and excitable than his comrades. This courageous distinction compliments Mcenroe's production well. Like Mcenroe, Pip keeps his songs thematically concise. Still, Pip's songs are eclipsed by the overpowering presence of Mcenroe. The entire EP functions as a modest follow-up to the previous solo albums from both MCs involved.

1. Big Box (disenfranchised 2)
2. Too Real (The Realest Pt. 2)
3. For Service In English, Press 2
4. Get Busy
5. Old School
6. Captain Emo
(Pip Skid)
7. Identity Crisis
8. Magnifique 2
9. My 1 Mom
10. Barry The Hatchet