Mia Doi Todd La Ninja: Amor & Other Dreams Of Manzanita

[Plug Research; 2006]

Styles: chanteuse freak folk
Others: Juana Molina, Kinnie Starr

The press release for this album begins by saying, "'Remix' isn't the right word for this collection of songs. Reinvention is more apropos." Well, for me, "fucking sick" immediately comes to mind, as well as "timeless and ethereally beautiful." I'd never heard of Mia Doi Todd before, but I feel like I grew up listening to "Amor," while I'm sure most of us have listened to "Norwegian Wood" at various times in our lives, of which Mia delivers a faithful cover swimming in her own seductive charm. These two tracks alongside "Kokoro" and "Shikibu" make up the original contributions to La Ninja. The rest are remixes of five cuts from her last full-length Manzanita, featuring top billing from the likes of Nobody, Ammoncontact, and Dntel. But for whatever reason, they decided to include three versions of "My Room Is White" and two of "Muscle, Bone & Blood," and each treatment is different enough that without a tracklisting, you might not even notice. When Mia sings, it's hard to think of anything else.

1. What If We Do? (Nobody Remix)
2. Amor (Adventure Time Remix)
3. Norwegian Wood
4. My Room Is White (Dungen remix)
5. Muscle, Bone & Blood (Ammoncontact Remix)
6. Deep At Sea (Dntel remix)
7. The Last Night Of Winter (Campanella/Hellie remix)
8. My Room Is White (Reminder remix)
9. My Room Is White (Flying Lotus remix)
10. Kokoro
11. Muscle, Bone & Blood (Chessie remix)
12. Shikibu

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