Milosh Meme

[Plug Research; 2006]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: IDM, electronica, chamber-pop
Others: The Go Find, duo505, Todd Rundgren, Barbara Morgenstern

Do you know what a "meme" is? I looked it up on Wiki and still don't.

Toronto's own Milosh may have created something of a self-fulfilling prophecy with his second album. His debut You Make Me Feel resided lyrically in deep dedication to all the things his girlfriend... made him feel. Two years later, as caste by the fates, we're faced with the obligatory break-up album. However, if any bitterness resides within Milo, it's not to be found on Meme. Instead, he turns his chamber IDM focus on the exploration of techn-emo. The pain that accompanies most every failed relationship is reflected inward and projected outward over groaning synths and hollow sounds of white light, occasionally accented by John Meyer. The sophomore release ends on "Run Away," which sees the successful re-entry of Milosh into the dating scene. The aforementioned self-fulfilling prophecy comes, as you'd have to think the prospect of having an album written about you would turn a lot of girls off (why would anyone want to date one of the Fall Out Boys anyway?). Do you bring that up on a first date, third, or what? I suppose if you have mastered the techniques of meme warfare, you could lure a lot your way, even in the smog blanket of T-Dot. Why do I suddenly feel the urge to meet Tie Domi?

1. It's Over
2. Falling Away
3. Couldn't Sleep
4. You Fill Me
5. Instrumental
6. I'm Trying
7. The City
8. My Life
9. This Way
10. Run Away
11. Playing With Yen