Mindflayer It’s Always 1999

[Load; 2004]

Rating: 3/5

Styles: noise, experimental
Others: Wolf Eyes, Forcefield, Sightings, Lightning Bolt

Mindflayer might be the most aptly named band in existence. When you hear that name, you know almost exactly what you're in for, and that it's probably a much more challenging listen than the typical noise fare that you're used to. Then you find out that half of the band is comprised of Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt "fame," and your suspicions are confirmed: you are in for one intense ride.

Still, that doesn't do this album justice. No amount of italics, bold letters, capitalization, or curse words can even come close to how FUCKING INTENSE this music is. Go slam your face into a brick wall while someone smashes the back of your head in with a sledgehammer and you might be getting closer to the kind of damage Mindflayer can do to your cerebrum. These are the sounds of a robot just before it explodes, because you set it on fire for looking at you the wrong way.

Meerk Puffy and his mixing boards become the voice of the machine, letting out bantam squelches and bursts of tumultuous noise pleading for its life. Chippendale mutates his drums into the sparking innards of the contraption, firing off in every direction at once as you try and hide under your desk to shield yourself from the flares and imminent explosion. You know it's coming and there's nothing you can do to escape it. All you can do is take cower and hope it doesn't completely destroy you.

But these guys just go on for way too long without changing. Sparks are still going off. The machine is stills screeching at you. You end up waiting an eternity for that explosion to come, and by this time, you realize you could have escaped long ago. But now, you just don't care. Mindflayer have pounded and hammered you into submission until you're lying on the floor, dazed and disoriented.

1. A Worm Is Coming
2. Reapeating Tiger Fist and G Flury
3. Destructed But Bits Rush (Let's Grow)
4. Argamnimals
5. 5 Minutes of Sporadic Beats
6. Legiomnomein and G Furry (Legos)
7. A Wind War Wind Blast Army
8. Afterwarwards
9. Revenge of Whales/Whale War
10. Legiomnomein and Jumbinube Oboplex Company
11. Cyclone Ride to Animal Town
12. The Psychic Fields of Animal Town
13. Mud Lazer Lazy Lazers
14. Azaglians Troupe Hat Ribbons Fite Dance
15. 2nd Ribbons Wear On
16. Zorthians Grazel Time
17. Zorthians Finished
18. 1999 Animals Revenge
19. Humbinobodos
20. Carry on My Wayward Crawler
21. Wolfs and Whales