Mouthus Mouthus

[Psych-O-Path; 2004]

Rating: 4.5/5

One of the things I find most exciting about noise is its destructive
capabilities. These people don't set out to create music, they want to
annihilate it. They strip it of almost any trace of melody, structure, sometimes
even rhythm, and leave you with music in its most primordial state. With the
recent re-discovery of all things noise, Mouthus exemplify this idea of
destruction with fantastic skill.

Ok, the pretentious part of the review is over. Sometimes you just need to get
needlessly verbose and pedantic, you know? But there is still some ring of truth
in that first paragraph, and Mouthus, and their contemporaries, are proof.

Mouthus pummel you into submission with blasts of ferocity so intense, you'll
find yourself on the floor crying for mommy until you pass out and wake up the
next day in a glassy-eyed haze, like a used prom date. They'll tear you apart
from the inside with a deadly mixture of abrasive drums and disjointed guitars
until you finally succumb and your mind turns to mush. But you don't care
anymore. You're just waiting for that next sweet hit of static, like a junkie
outside the methadone clinic. Coincidentally, you'll be treated the same way as
the common junkie, with passers-by wondering why you subject yourself to such
obvious torture over and over again. But they don't understand. They don't
understand the release that comes with hearing something being completely
obliterated, and Mouthus' debut is as fine a specimen as you're likely to hear
this year. This is destruction at its finest.

1. Sand on Sand
2. Am here Slowly
3. Christian Finger
4. China Drier
5. Head of Shifting I
6. Head of Shifting II
7. Great to Spot the Sea

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