Muckafurgason Tossing a Friend

[Deep Elm; 1998]

Rating: 3/5

Styles:  rock
Others: Get Up Kids

In some language, Muckafurgason must mean "eclectic". As surely as the band's tired of the label, they merit it more than any other. These NYC wiseasses are the biggest genre-hoppers this side of Ween, and *sometimes* pull it off with a plumb. Tossing a Friend includes a gamut of pop songs ("Consuela", "Go Teens", "Atari"), some hard rock and faux-punk ("Bad Ass Fucker", "Punk Rock"), rap, country-western, and an angsty tune ("Wasting Time") that wouldn't be out of place on a Get Up Kids album.

Does it work? A qualified "sometimes". Muckafurgason is at their best when they seem to be letting the creative process determine what style of song has been written. Unfortunately, it seems that the band was more concerned with recording an album that would try EVERYTHING, and in doing so they erred.

While many of the songs are effortless and top-notch ("Consuela", "Spanish Fly", "Go Teens"), others sound strained and show-offy, in a bad way. "Lunch", "Punk Rock", "Sweethearts", and "Sweetie Pie" are all much better in concept than in execution.

Still, despite these numerous weak points, Muckafurgason clearly have talent and exciting potential. Their first step should be a label change - they're definitely out of place on the NC emo brand Deep Elm. Good luck, boys.

1. Consuela
2. Spanish Fly
3. Go Teens
4. Crying
5. Nightdriver
6. Bad Ass F*cker
7. Sweetie Pie
8. Lunch
9. Atari
10. Sounds of Love
11. Punk Rock
12. Sweethearts
13. Forsyth Street
14. Wasting Time