Necronomitron Necronomitron

[Load; 2004]

Rating: 3/5

Styles: noise rock, grindcore/metal
Others: The USAISAMONSTER, Khanate, Lightning Bolt, Voivod, Man is the Bastard

Over the past few years, Load Records has made quite a name for itself. With acts like Khanate, Sightings, and, of course, Lighting Bolt on its roster, the label has become a veritable one-stop shop for lovers of noise, hardcore, metal, and everything in between. And it's that "in between" where Necronomitron’s self-titled debut fits in.

The album walks that fine line between grindcore and metal. Most of the tracks hover around the two-minute mark, almost eliminating them from the grindcore category altogether. But the songs here don't fully develop into a metal assault either. However, such classifications end up being more or less pointless when it comes to this music. Necronomitron seem to only care about getting as many riffs out of their two-guitars in as short a time as possible.

The album kicks off with a short declaration about nature being the only true technology, followed immediately by a shotgun blast, which, oddly enough, seems to be the perfect way to start out this musical endeavor. From here, Necronomitron blast off and never look back. Lightning fast leads from twin guitars are backed by an orgy of drumming; entire songs seem to be one long drum fill. The guitar lines dance around each other as if they were children possessed by some demonic force. Every now and then, the Locust-esque vocals will appear and add even more insanity to the whole thing.

In the end, though, the album always goes back to walking that fine line between genres. As pointless as this may seem, it's here where it ultimately falters. Most of the songs just can't make up their mind as to where they want to go next. Everything drags on while the members try and figure out what to do, and it always ends up with them trying to cram a few more guitar riffs into the whole thing. When most of the album is comprised of these riffs, you wonder if more is really what it needs. The guitar leads that once seemed like lightning now appear to be only a dim bulb.

Even after taking all that into consideration, the album is still definitely worth a few listens, especially if you're a fan of Load's previous releases. But don’t expect anything too revolutionary from it, and don't expect to keep it playing throughout the year.

1. Unscheduled Sunrise
2. Small Field of Death
3. Blood Clot Guts
4. One More Moment on the Planet
5. Invading Assassin Is Dead
6. Sick Stick
7. Night
8. Large Field of Death
9. Fubar
10. Incephalpod
11. 1914
12. Broken Glass For Dinner