Noah Creshevsky Reanimator

[Orange Milk; 2018]

Rating: 4.5/5

Styles: anachronistic nostalgia, unsuccessfully moving a piano down five flights of stairs by yourself, belief in mystic
Others: Seth Graham, Far Side, Bruce Smear, JE M’EN TAPE, Puppet Master

There’ll come a day when:

…someone zooms in on Terry Crews’s nipple SO FAR [via virtual reality and ultra-K-degrees] that the areola begins to look like a planet elsewhere, in a far-off galaxy. Sweaty pockets of lakes hiding secrets of new life and technologies.

Deep, sunken pockets. Cavernous artifacts. Vegetation? A cottage within the valley? Life! But it’s when someone turns it into a Minecraft world, and glaciers of unending waterfalls froth the outside of the areola, a glimmer. Volcanoes, even. Why not?

…a closeup of Lucy Liu’s smile, but almost a microscopic shot of bone. And people can just do this casually and knock it. They can virtually knock their hand on the bone of Lucy Liu’s zoomed-in teeth. But it’s tabloid porn.

People can almost spy on the women in magazines: “Liu’s new cavity gets a little more serious. Why, Lucy? Why!” An Instagram account dedicated to Lucy Liu’s single most flaw. You’re Lucy Liu and are experiencing all this in virtual reality.

…track the growth of a mole on Bruce Willis’s bald head. Send pictures to doctors for a diagnosis on the discoloration over time. Staying up late nights archiving files, both physical and digital. Not really being able to sleep anymore. More than a dozen health-care professionals verified this mole is absolutely cancer.

Operation: Save Bruce leads to a house full of criminals who’ve tied up Bruce Willis as their hostage. One of the invaders punch Bruce Willis’s mole, and you start going berserk, fueled by rage, kicking… *simulation shuts down and your mom yells at you for 20 minutes because you didn’t take out the trash*

…an episode of Oprah Winfrey where she paints a portrait of you for an hour. It’s complete silence, and you’re just sitting there, but in front of yourself, staring at yourself from a distance, now double-tapping to get a better view of how she is perfectly capturing your skin tone and hair, follicles you couldn’t even see in the mirror by yourself; Oprah Winfrey is capturing it with paint — taped in front of a live audience — so you start to cry while watching her paint you, wailing on about how beautiful you look.

…flying a drone from Dayton, OH across landscapes and weather. Self-charging while motionless. Getting breathtaking views and videos absorbing this great country. Streaming on Twitch. Eventually reaching the East Coast, and going north, along docks and rocks. Animals and springtime in bloom. Alive. Reaching the New York City skyline not a minute before noon. Directing its way to Times Square, where it captivates the intimate view of Noah Creshevsky. Narrating and rotating a universe of sounds within.


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