Nudge Cached

[Kranky; 2005]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: IDM, post-rock
Others: Fennesz, Fontanelle, Dntel, Tortoise

Bands who incorporate electronics into their work are very often in search of warmth. Seldom do they find it. One band who has managed to discover this much-heralded warmth is Nudge. Over the course of their past two releases, and continuing the trend with their third, Cached, they've maintained a combination of the organic and the electronic without sacrificing affection. Nudge leaves the listener believing there is a human presence behind their ruffling percussion and suctioning robotic tones. The appearance of handclaps, a confused horn, or Honey Owens' faint voice remind us of the bodies working the machines. We aren't overwhelmed by the panning noises to which we're introduced. This human connectedness is what gives Nudge an edge over other similar acts. A mostly instrumental venture, Cached has its share of surprises and spontaneity. The arrival of Honey Owens' drowsy vocals on "Parade" serve as a reminder to the inviting voice we heard way back on "Classic Mode." A variety of genres emerge out of seemingly improvised passages, segueing in seamlessly. Nudge's influences are innocently hidden by their own talents.

1. Classic Mode
2. Standing on Hot Sidewalk
3. Contact
4. My New Youth
5. Remove Ya
6. Dee Deet
7. Parade
8. Blon
9. No Come Back