Old Time Relijun Lost Light

[K; 2004]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: garbage barge rock, sex spillage, punk
Others: Dexateens, Captain Beefheart, Cramps, Birthday Party

First thing's first: I really don't like Old Time Relijun. In fact, when I received my promotional copy of Arrington de Dionyso and Old Time Relijun's Varieties of Religious Experience last year, I was swift to dismiss the record and selfishly rate it as one of the worst musical experiences I had ever suffered. To this day, my review remains unpublished (editor's note: no, not simply because it was a diatribe), but my point was made. Surprisingly, to my editor's astonishment, I volunteered to review Old Time Relijun's newest release, titled Lost Light. My plan was working; since my last review was reneged, I was going to attempt to unleash my hatred for Old Time Relijun with this review. To my dismay, Lost Light gave me no chance to accomplish my bittersweet revenge.

Firstly, Arrington de Dionyso is not Captain Beefheart. Although his style of vocals may be mistaken as similar, de Dionyso exudes an energy that is completely his own. His rants and chants are overflowing with energy, releasing his inner emotions slowly but never lettting his vigor and power to overtake his performance. Even on "Cold Water," de Dionyso retains this energy brilliantly, leaving the listener dumbfounded after the track's eight minutes, awaiting his eruption. This is evident on most of Lost Light, as de Dionyso successfully contains himself and permits the music to overcome the emotional strain of the record.

Musically, Lost Light is chaotic. The two-minute "This Kettle Contains The Heart" is crammed with pummeling drums and disjointed organ drones. The bassline becomes the focus of the song, grinding and gnashing melodically throughout the song. "Music of the Spheres" has a linear drum accompaniment encompassed with chiming guitar distortion and Sonic Youth-influenced drones. "Tigers In The Temple" is surprisingly upbeat, making the song the most accessible and definitely the best composition of the record. The added horns add disorder but do not temper with the flow of the drum and bass, conjuring perhaps the best two-minute song that Old Time Relijun have ever had to offer from their six album discography.

Overall, I have failed. I came to warn readers to avoid Old Time Relijun at all costs. Unfortunately, Lost Light proves to be a fascinating record. And for the first time, I have found faith in Arrington de Dionyso's Old Time Relijun.

1. The Door I Came Through Has Been Closed (But I Keep on Trying)
2. Vampire Victim
3. Cold Water
4. This Kettle Contains the Heart
5. Music of the Spheres
6. Tigers in the Temple
7. Pardes Rimmonim
8. Cold Water, Deep Underwater
9. The Rising Water, the Blinding Light
10. War Is Over