Organized Konfusion The Best Of Organized Konfusion

[Nasty Habits Music; 2005]

Rating: 4.5/5

Styles: underground hip-hop
Others: Nas, Pharoahe Monch, Prince Po, Pete Rock & CL Smooth

I always place Organized Konfusion's music between The Jungle Brother's Done By The Forces of Nature and Nas' Illmatic. Playing both sides of 1991's popular hip-hop fence, street or pendant, Organized Konfusion, better known today as Pharoahe Monch and Prince Po, accumulated three above-average records and enough street cred to lead each member to modest solo careers. But it's their collaborative lyrical flow that marks their Organized Konfusion work as more impressive today than when it was originally released; re-establishing them as one of hip-hop's misunderstood entities. Although there has been no partnership since 1997's The Equinox, both members are standout artists and created some of hip-hop's finest gems during their time together.

The Best Of Organized Konfusion is an overview of the duo's most impressive work. Although the songs are sorted in descending alphabetical order, the flow of the album is surprisingly compelling; each song leading to another in a near seamless fashion. The album opens with "Why", from the duo's best and most recognized album Stress: The Extinction Agenda. It's a composition overflowing with laid back basslines and a chorus doused with heavy-horns reminiscent of Pete Rock's Mecca and the Soul Brother. "Walk into the Sun" is filled with jazz elements that bring The Jungle Brothers to mind, with its chanting, hypnotic, and dance-infused disposition.

The Best of Organized Konfusion only gets better with each passing track and reaches its climax with unblemished back-to-back performances. "Invetro" is socially conscious and is complemented with a simple yet effective drum accompaniment. "Fudge Pudge", from the groups self-titled, underrated debut album, is a truly remarkable song that best exemplifies Organized Konfusion's true, yet shaky talent.

The Best of Organized Konfusion is the perfect ode to two of hip-hop's most versatile emcees. Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch may have committed to successful solo careers, but the true path to their musical achievements was paved with their work as a collective. So, as Simon Says, get the fuck up and introduce yourself to one of hip-hop's most fascinating collaborations, Organized Konfusion.

1. Why
2. Walk Into The Sun
3. Sway & Tech Radio Promo
4. Sugah Shorty
5. Stress
6. Stray Bullets
7. Somehow, Someway
8. Roosevelt Franklin
9. Releasing Hypnotical Gases
10. Questions
11. Passion (Unreleased)
12. Open Your Eyes
13. Maintain
14. Let's Organize
15. Late Night Action
16. Invetro
17. Fudge Pudge
18. Bring It On
19. Black Sunday
20. 9 X's Out of 10