Pegasuses XL Electro Agitators

[Ernest Jenning; 2009]

Styles:  electro-punk
Others: VCR, We Vs. The Shark, Bomb The Music Industry!

I get it. It’s fun to make a lot of noise and put on what I can only assume are relatively chaotic shows. But what’s fun for you might not always be so for anybody listening/watching. At least in a live setting there’s the physical spectacle of it all, but recorded on a low-fidelity, maxed-out recording? For 17 tracks? You didn’t really expect me to like this, did you?

You could have at least put more audible consideration into it than just slabs of distant yelling and thoughtless synth belches overtop squirming, buried guitars and a rhythm section that quite frankly seems about as enthused as I am right now. Oh, and then there’s the ‘rap’ track, “Rorshaks Theorem” [sic] that gets squeezed in here for no discernible reason, except that it actually makes the rest of this mess look better by comparison. You certainly got the “Agitators” part right.

And that’s the point, isn’t it? To somehow find solace in knowing that you can endure more harebrained keyboard spazz than I can, as if this test of aural tolerance were somehow a measure of your masculinity or something. Or maybe you just wanted to prove that even this could be released, as some sort of prank on underground music. Well, I’m not laughing. I’m just scrambling to find the button with the square on it.

1. Welcome To It, Me
2. Run The Gauntlet
3. $600 Man
4. Why Nautical?
5. Workin’ For The Weekend
6. Rorshaks Theorem
7. Into The Canyon
8. Major In Business/Minor In Art
9. Untitled
10. Pixilated Flowers
11. Panzerfaust!
12. Sunrise At Lake 2k7
13. The Orchid
14. New Domestic Paradigm
15. Theme To Athfest
16. Every House Is Not A Homey
17. Iron Mine Part I & II

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