Peter B. The Sound of Doves in a Cave

[Shinkoyo; 2004]

Rating: 3/5

Styles: experimental, noise
Others: Gang Gang Dance, Excepter

The concepts behind The Sound of Doves in a Cave are extraordinarily impressive. Peter B. built most (maybe all) of the instruments heard here, which include things with names like "the chucky" (an extra-long, hollowed body acoustic instrument) and "the blowin' bear" (touch/breath sensitive analog bird synthesizer). The even tracks were made using another of his creations, the "man with th' red stream," which is apparently a synthesizer made out of the useless parts of other synthesizers. The odd numbered tracks were recorded "by a process of automatic through-composition, following the ever-changing textures of a wandering computer program." If all of that sounds exceedingly cool, that's because it is. Unfortunately, everything doesn't come together in practice. Peter B. seems to have so many ideas running through him that he can't quite get them all together. The Sound of Doves in a Cave is full of songs that start of interestingly enough, with the intriguing sounds of his meandering software, peculiar acoustic strumming of "the chucky," and heavily dubbed vocals. But after a short while, the synthesizers become stale and the vocals become cumbersome. Even the "chucky," which was once interesting, starts sounding extremely foreign and out of place. The Sound of Doves in a Cave is worth repeated listens just so the concept of everything can be grasped in full. But don't expect too much after that. I wouldn't imagine too many people rushing to put this on for simple listening pleasure. If Peter B.'s next outing has a bit more focus, it could definitely be something worthwhile. But until then, keep the ideas coming, Peter.

1. Prelude and Prostasimon
2. The Sound of Doves in a Cave
3. The Cool Air That Breathes the Lamb
4. The Moon Camera
5. The Growling Dog
6. The South
7. The Willage
8. She Look'd in th' Dark Water
9. They Are Crystals in the Sand
10. In Your Geodesic Domes
11. The Octopus
12. We Hold the Fern
13. Ending