Peter Grummich Maria (Dirty Floor mixed by Peter Grummich)

[Shitkatapult; 2005]

Styles: tech-house, microhouse, acid house
Others: Audion, James T. Cotton, Ark

In tribute to Club Maria Berlin, Shitkatapult (I love that name) commissioned minimal-techno producer Peter Grummich, a favorite DJ at the club, to put together a mix that captures the flavor of said club circa now. The result is this nearly seamless mix of some of the skronkiest and most flavorful tech-house treats available. All tracks feature the characteristic squealchy/dirty basslines and cut-up hi-hats and percussion that should propel them as dance tracks. The best moments, like Ark's "Flutes de Gaz," are so insistent that only the most technophobic listener could resist the call to cut loose. However, other tracks, such as Grummich's own "The Animal (Das Tier)," are a bit too plodding and break up the flow. Even these tracks have their subtle charms, but for an album that claims to capture the essence of a cutting edge dance club, they don't quite work. With nice turns by Audion (Matthew Dear) and James T. Cotton (Tadd Mullinix) buoying things, this mix is sure to please many. Ultimately, these tracks function as a stripped-down tribute to the acid house of a decade ago, integrating the influence of microhouse production into the fold. For these reasons, fans of acid house or electronic dance music in general will find this worth hearing, but anyone looking for a mix to turn their party into a Berlin club scene may need to look a little further.

1. Peter Grummich & Ben de Biel - Intro
2. Deadbeat - Abu Ghraib
3. Ark - Flutes de Gaz
4. Peter Grummich - The Animal (Das Tier)
5. John Starlight - Johns Addiction
6. Audion - Raw Dog
7. P+S - Rave Daddy (The 3 Stages)
8. Audio Werner - Zwrtshak Drive
9. Leo Cubanero - What Time
10. Justin Martin & Sammy D - Swamp Thang
11. Dapayk Solo - Marek & Das Polen Pony
12. Sergej Auto - Yeehaw! Human Is Target
13. Wekan - Skid
14. Scapegoat - Anticipate
15. Dirk Leyers - New Serious One
16. James T. Cotton - T.Y.O.C. Painkillers

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