The Planet The Envision My Zorb

[5RC; 2005]

Rating: 3/5

Styles: new wave revival
Others: The Faint, Genghis Tron

Do revived genres go through cycles like emerging genres? Eighties synth-pop revival had its roots a few years ago with the likes of The Faint and has now seen its re-foray into mainstream cultures via The Killers and The Bravery. Have we now entered the phase whereby bands experiment and use component parts to create something 'new' and 'unique'? The Planet The answers that question with a ironic but deadpan sincere "yes"... the problem only lying in the fact that this genre has cycled through once already. Nonetheless Envision My Zorb creates spastic synth-rock that occasionally gives the listener a touch of melody, danceable rhythm, or general hooki-ness before wrenching and twisting free on its way to a more awkward land. Make no mistake; this is not an avant-garde record, rather one that uses jarring shifts in tempo, song structure, and overall tone. Even though there are occasional flashes of brilliance, these moments rarely usurp the fact that that the band is likely comprised of scientists replicating experiments from 20 years ago. In the end, though, there is plenty to like on Envision My Zorb, even if contextually I can't always "hang" with it. As a first record, the band seems assured of what they want to do, and their next move will likely be worth checking out.

1. Look of a Woman
2. Please Don't Kill Myself
3. Wet Dust
4. Trip Under Control
5. Trapped Under a Ocean
6. Dreams of Your Co-Workers
7. Free Jewelry
8. Tighten Your Dreams
9. Tennis
10. Envision My Zorb