QNC Dynamic Duo

[Grand Central; 2005]

Styles: politically conscious rap, underground hip-hop
Others: Blackalicious, Black Sheep, Emanon, Jurassic 5, The Pharcyde

"What the hell happened to rap?" (Would You)

Long Island's MC Qball and beat composer Curt Cazal are total freaks. Could you imagine someone not thinking gangsta is the best thing to happen to rap? Who in their right mind would prefer old-school rhymes with meaning like Public Enemy and beats with substance like Gang Starr over the slick-imaged, expensively produced, Avril Lavigne-songwriting-team-co-written, celebrity-endorsed, diamond-crucifixed, Wall Street bad boy, top 40 pop-hop of G-Unit? What kind of altruistic chump would actually consider treating women as human beings and respecting hip-hop as the cultural art form it can be instead of just adopting the popular attitude of using and abusing everything in sight and, if it won't let you, shooting it all with penis-compensating hand cannons? You'll never die trying to get rich that way. And inviting fellow Grand Central artists like Canadian chanteuse Kate Rogers and trip-hop's Aim to help out... are you guys stupid? You need guests like Heroin Murda Dawg and Ice Fuk-A-Biatch if you want to shift units in this biz, son. How will you ever get bling by sticking to unprofitable ideals like ethical principles and artistic integrity? I mean, everyone knows that the more money you have, the better you are and the better your music is. Weirdos.

1. QNC
2. Dynamic Duo feat. M.O.P
3. For Da' Love
4. I Wish feat. Kate Rogers
5. It's Goin' Down feat. Camp Lo
6. Hype, Fresh, Live feat. Aim
7. Now!
8. Would You? feat. Dubble D
9. Streets Don' Run feat. Dimes (aka Big Rallo Black)
10. Polaroid Dimepiece
11. Major League feat. Schine
12. Closer Than Friends