Radio Birdman Zeno Beach

[Yep Roc; 2006]

Styles: Aussie proto-punk
Others: The Saints, The Stooges, Blue Oyster Cult

The first time I saw Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin on television, I was thoroughly impressed. Here he was wrestling with crocs and performing dangerous stunts with wild animals. It's shocking. It's late-night television. It's captivating. And then there were the crikeys and the beige uniform. After seeing the Crocodile Hunter on every late-night program, however, it wasn't as jocular and spellbinding. Don't get me wrong, it was still good, but it was predictable, a little watered, and a little worn. Still Australian, though.

The first time I heard Radio Birdman was a couple of years ago. It was their Living Eyes reissue. I was thoroughly impressed. Here was chunky and cragged MC5-style guitars, a bit of '80s flair and flourishes, and strong words being spurt. It was a Eureka moment ”” a proto-punk blessing courtesy of Aussie natives and transplants. After a long hiatus, however, Radio Birdman aren't as spectacular as they once were. They're still good ”” great even, but I've heard this before. The Sydney seas won't quake and Melbourne ground won't break. Still Australian, though.

1. We've Come So Far (To Be Here Today)
2. You Just Make It Worse
3. Remorseless
4. Found Dead
5. Connected
6. Die Like April
7. Heyday
8. Subterfuge
9. If You Say Please
10. Hungry Cannibals
11. Locked Up
12. The Brotherhood of Al Wazah
13. Zeno Beach