Rainstick Orchestra The Floating Glass Key In The Sky

[Ninja Tune; 2004]

Rating: 4.5/5

Styles: minimal electronica
Others: Nightmares On Wax, Husky Rescue, DJ Krush meets the Mr. Rogers theme

To prove that I could spend twice as long writing a review with half the minimum number of words required to do it properly in the effort to help better shape your impression of this CD as well as make you spend three times as long reading it while you double check my work (that's 5-7-5, kids!), I have written the following review in haiku: The debut album from the Rainstick Orchestra is ambient bliss. Japanese DJs Naomichi Tanaka and Tokyo chum Baku Tsunoda render pure atmospheric electronics and pristine organic instrumentation into a sweet summer poem. The smooth, gliding glitch inspired, more often than not, by visual arts like constructions and/or paintings as opposed to just music which heightens the sense of colour unified by this happy- go-lucky release. Those familiar with other Ninja Tune artists may find this hard to get into but the more you listen, the greater rewards you will reap. I'm not gonna say this will ring everyone's bell, certainly not pop's fickle fans, but The Floating Glass Key In The Sky is without a doubt an understated, moving piece of eclectic electronic art. It's worth the effort to truly feel this and not just listen to it. Something this unique and inspiring doesn't come around too often. Japan remains to me as the waking giant of fresh downtempo.

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