Raygunomics The Sputnik EP

[Self-released; 2004]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: underground hip-hop
Others: Anticon, The Arsonists

Nomar Slevik's newest project, The Sputnik EP, certainly does not feel like an EP. But that does not mean that it lingers; it is simply filled with an overabundance of musical weight. Slevik has teamed up with emcee Brzowski, a collaboration that was successful on Nomar Slevik's highly recommended Paper Bullets album. As Raygunomics, both Slevik and Brzowski have created a muddled affair of underground synth-driven and hardcore, gritty hip-hop. And the results are surprisingly superior. While Brzowski's rhyming delivery is an acquired taste, Slevik's production is high quality and superlative, something that has been apparent since the release of Paper Bullets. The bass is at the forefront of The Sputnik EP, as the album begins with "Fear Of The Computron," a mesmerizing sound structure with a thumping bass line that hits the heart heavily and spasms uncontrollably. Accompanied with a looped and integrated synth supplement, "Fear Of The Computron" begins the album strongly, as the album never relinquishes this established intensity and potency throughout the album. Although the album has some misguided anger that may raise some question marks, tracks like "White Dwarf (Squalor Holiday)" and the remixed version of Paper Bullets' "First In Space" exemplifies the strength and commitment that Slevik and Brzowski have in conjunction with their customary craftsmanship. Overall, Slevik's Raygunomics is a satisfactory teaser as we await the release of the full-length in 2005. And with the strength of the production behind The Sputnik EP, Nomar Slevik continues to impress and amaze as one of today's most underrated underground hip-hop producers.

1. Intro
2. Fear of the computron
3. White dwarf (squalor holiday)
4. Unidentified
5. Contact
6. Sirius
7. Sleep in a vacuum
8. Darkstar
9. First in space (remix)
10. Event horizon
11. Outro
12. * bonus
13. * bonus