Rhythm King and Her Friends I Am Disco

[Kitty-Yo; 2004]

Rating: 1/5

Styles: queer electronica, electroclash
Others: Marc Jacobs

On the press release for I Am Disco, we are told that Rhythm King and Her Friends "developed their own special music style and complex texts, which shows that they pay a lot of attention on the traps and contradictions of society." The music is described as "queer electronica, marvelous pop melodies with corners and edges, combine (sic) sampled rhythms and a playful use of different instruments and singing... Rhythm King and Her Friends have something else in mind." Now, without commenting on exactly how mentally deficient the drunken sea otter who wrote this press release might be, I'd like to briefly wonder aloud whether "queer electronica" is being presented as a viable genre. Of the three stylish European young ladies comprising RK&HF, one looks like a fairly attractive dude, one hovers between the lines of androgyny, and the third just looks like a dude. But this is to say nothing of the music! I swear to you, reader, I would embrace tunes made by the dudeliest of women if there were something, some kind of "special music style" to recommend them. Sadly, on the nauseating I Am Disco, Rhythm King proves why electroclash sucked so hard in the first place: nine times out of ten, it was annoying, repetitive, uninventive bullshit played by Marc Jacobs disciples only dimly proficient in Cool Edit.

1. Sister
2. Shock
3. Client Interne
4. Serene
5. I Am Disco
6. Jaqueline
7. Coraloid
8. Copie-Moi Je Veux Voyager
9. Get Paid
10. Frankie
11. Yvonne
12. Pants
13. One Two