Rilo Kiley More Adventurous

[Brute/Beaute; 2004]

Styles: indie/folk pop
Others: Death Cab for Cutie, Lemonheads, etc. etc.

Indie rock boys and girls please bare witness as Jenny Lewis becomes even more swoon-worthy than ever thought! Her outfit has released yet another charming balance of winsome melody, subtle studio twinkle, frolicking rock, and tinges of country meshed against traditional song structures. In honor of said release, the following proclamation is to be posted on the doors of record stores, half-witted D.I.Y. publications, and potentially rowdy mid-sized clubs throughout our sovereign nation.

Inheritors of the House of Gibbard take heed!

> This moment, let it be known that no inhabitant of said premises shall speak any negative word toward the invaluable occupants Rilo Kiley, as three strong album releases has rendered impossible a title of anything lower than 'sweethearts' upon the Group. Anyone claiming to have found fault in these and other elements of the group's 2004 output More Adventurous shall forever be deemed "Unable to Find Happiness in Life" by Court Marshal Spiral Stairs:

a) the Group's inflection of the standard tapping of the foot through on catchy tunes known as "Ripchord," "Love and War," and The Absence of God."

b) Group leader Jenny Lewis' uncanny ability to confront such known societal topics as love, the loss of love, and politics with a simultaneously jaded and confrontational worldview. The Album's opening track "It's a Hit," provides an excellent example: "No one wants to pay to see your happiness/ No one wants to pay to see your day to day/ And I'm not buyin' it either/ but I'll sell it anyway."

c) Leader's equally seamless transformation of lyric lines from stomach-churning to acceptable due to her admirable emotive voice and steadfast placeholder as one of the most charming individuals currently living. Example: "I'm only a woman/of flesh and bone/ and I wept much, we all do/ I thought I might die alone/ but I had never met you."

d) Group songwriters' (Leader and second fiddle Blake Sennett) adept skill at knifing through the much-treaded ground of traditional blues, country, rock and roll, and early punk with much attention to said genres' standards, but equal consideration of Sennett's own guitar flexibilities that pair with Leader's voice to give the Group its character. Knifing guitar on "I Never" and A Man - Me - Then Jim" provide adequate examples.

e) Said Songwriters' branching out to notable outfits the Elected and the Postal Service in between this outfit's releases, allowing them to bring skills of said groups into Rilo Kiley's dynamic fold, with an excellent guest contribution from Dntel's Jimmy Tamborello.

So it has been written. So it shall be done.

1. It's a Hit
2. Does He Love You?
3. Portions for Foxes
4. Ripchord
5. I Never
6. The Absence of God
7. Accidntel Deth
8. More Adventurous
9. Love and War (11/11/46)
10. A Man/Me/Then Jim
11. It Just Is