Rinôçérôse Rinôçérôse

[V2; 2006]

Styles: electronic funk, house-rock
Others: Daft Punk + AC/DC + Jamiroquai + Groove Armada =

It has been something of a bumpy road for this electro-rock phoenix. Based around the French duo of J.P. Freu and Patrice Carrie, the house-with-guitars collective has  sailed from an opening gig for Underworld in the late '90s through two lukewarm international releases, were dropped from world distribution for their fourth album, and were mildly revitalized at the hands of an iPod advert. So, how to capitalize on the random-but-rousing success that could only happen by being an Apple executive pick? Try releasing a self-titled greatest hits. That outta make it up to fans who had to pitch out import charges for last years' Schizophonia. This compilation culls three or four tracks from each of their releases so far. Listened to in chronological order, it's easy to see why they've had troubles. Their early tracks off 1999's Installation Sonore had a decent trip-hop atmosphere to them. However, with each successive release, they've gone increasingly disco and, as you'd expect, über-cheesy. This culminates with the opening track "Bitch," which sees Mark Gardener (Ride) doing his best Bon Scott impression over an AC/DC-meets-the-Scissor-Sisters track ”” hard-rock with a house beat. It seems to be an attempt to cover up their derivate nature (which has been a well-publicized charge against them for years) with sheer lunacy and cocaine. "Cubicle," their commercial hit, just changes influences for Spek meets Danko Jones. I just don't understand what all the fuss is about. They were at their best ten years ago.

1. Bitch (Schizophonia)
2. Cubicle (Schizophonia)
3. Le Rock Summer (Music Kills Me)
4. My Demons (Schizophonia)
5. Lost Love (Bacon & Quarmby remix - Inédit)
6. Mes Vacances A Rio (Installation Sonore)
7. Le Triangle (Installation Sonore)
8. Get Ready Now (Schizophonia)
9. Dead Flowers (Music Kills Me)
10. Le Mobilier (Installation Sonore)
11. Music Kills Me (Music Kills Me)
12. La Guitaristic House Organisation (Installation Sonore)
13. Machine pour les oreilles (Retrospective)
14. Inacceptable (Retrospective)
15. Metal Mental Dub (Retrospective)

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