Robert Pollard Kid Marine

[Rockathon; 1999]

Styles: hard-drinking rock ‘n’ roll, mate
Others: Guided By Voices, Tobin Sprout, lots of boring indie imitators

It doesn't matter that every single instrument on this album (except for those glorious golden pipes of course) is out of tune; it doesn't matter that Uncle Bob couldn't think of very many lyrics for "White Gloves Come Off"; This record is so brutally anthemic it could turn a stone cold teetotaler into a total stoner ("Far Out Crops"). Who can listen to "The Big Make-Over" with its splayed-out atavistic Wire-like guitar fanfare and mellow-histrionic Steve Marriott vocal stylings and not have a truly psychedelic experience? This album has more nods to Tommy then a room full of British mullet-heads circa 1974! If you don't love Guided By Voices and Uncle Bob you might be left scratching your head, but if you're a die-hard fan or even a dilletante, this album is full of more aural orgasms than you might be able to stand with your Rolling Rock-weakened hearts. Listen raptly as Uncle Bob waggles his Adam's Apple like a cartoon character falling off a cliff at the beginning of "Submarine Teams"! Thrill to the so-Marriott-he's-practically-Anthony-Newley-vocalisms of "Island Crimes"! And as the indiginous Dayton, OH hops and crops kick in, and the tunnel closes in on your head, it sounds as if the denouement of "Far Out Crops" sounds like it's on your answering machine, you'll feel strangely at home. If you've been wondering what the fuss is all about, buy the entire "FADING CAPTAIN SERIES". If you're disappointed, fine, there's more room for the rest of us in the clubhouse.

1. Submarine Teams
2. Flings of the Waistcoat Crowd
3. The Big Make-Over
4. Men Who Create Fright
5. Television Prison
6. Strictly Comedy
7. Far-Out Crops
8. Living Upside Down
9. Snatch Candy
10. White Gloves Come Off
11. Enjoy Jerusalem!
12. You Can't Hold Your Women
13. Town of Mirrors
14. Powerblessings
15. Island Crimes

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