Ryan Teague Coins & Crosses

[Type; 2006]

Styles:  ambient
Others: Bexar Bexar, Wounded Knee, Brian Eno, DJ Olive

Produced with the Tim Redmond-conducted Cambridge Philharmonic, Englishman Ryan Teague's debut album is one whole hour of orchestral ambience swelling in and out of analogue electronic hums and sounds. Although Cinematic Orchestra harpist Rhodri Davies had a heavy hand in this, there is nothing here that sounds even remotely like the Ninja Tune progressive jazz outfit. No, Coins & Crosses is more like progressive classical, except for "Fantasia For Strings," which has no electronic effects. Actually, with its sound less muddled, I find "Fantasia For Strings" to be by far the most moving piece here. I'll be pulling that one out at the next family funeral, for sure. The rest of the computer noise album is clearly outclassed by the simple but pure elegance of that one track. Less is a whole lot more when you've got a professional orchestra at your disposal.

1. Introit
2. Coins & Crosses
3. Nephesch
4. Tableau I
5. Fantasia For Strings
6. Accidia
7. Seven Keys
8. Tableau II
9. Rounds

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