Safety Scissors Tainted Lunch

[Scape; 2005]

Rating: 2.5/5

Styles: synth-pop, electro-pop
Others: Soft Cell, Human League, Stereolab, The Go Find

I think it's pretty obvious here that Matthew Patterson Curry (otherwise known as Safety Scissors) has far more talents weighing in production than lyricism. The instrumentals of Tainted Lunch, though thoroughly kitschy and upbeat, represent a decent mix of random computer sounds and simple electronic beats with touches of organic instrumentation throughout. In this, Curry rekindles what little appreciation I had for all those summery, Cyndi Lauper-era, synth-driven pop songs that gave me so much joy as an eight year old. However small that may be, he does that much. The vocals, though... man, the vocals. Well, the best example has to be "My pants are wet/ How can that be/ Did I spill water  It's pee" from the Blondie on helium-chorused "After Disaster." Wow, huh? I mean, the album starts off with an Arthur Rimbauld trench warfare poem that's been retooled under the track name "I Am The Cheese!" You don't have to look far to see why the lunch is tainted. For this reason, the totally French, female sung "L'Amour D'Cuisine" is the best track here.

1. I Am The Cheese
2. Sunlight's On The Other Side feat. Erlend Øye
3. Breastbone
4. Amnesia, I Need You To Remind Me
5. Fly In My Soup
6. After Disaster feat. Kevin Blechdom
7. Love Lately
8. L'Amour D'Cuisine feat. Vladislav Delay
9. Here Come The Housewives
10. Where Is Germany And How Do I Get There?