Saso Warmed Up EP

[Melted Snow; 2000]

Rating: 3/5

Styles: instrumental rock, post-rock
Others: Mogwai, Pink Floyd, Talk Talk

Post-Rock, Experimental Rock, Space Rock; call it what you want and add Sasoto the growing list of bands filling up these genres. Yeah I know, you read somany reviews of these bands nowadays that it's getting hard keeping track of them all;not to mention listening to each of them. But fear not -- Warmed Up providesfor a quick listen and reveals itself in just under 20 minutes.

The intense, cathartic music on Saso's Warmed Up EP provides theperfect soundtrack for late-night pondering. Warmed Up begins with the appropriately titled instrumental"(introduction)"; a short piece containing a delicate piano melodyspread over thick, drawn-out bass notes. Following the moody opener is"I'll Be the Judge of That". Guitars, drums and harmonized voicesconfidently make their first appearance; preparing the listener for the soundsto come. The unstructured "Numbskull" is a lushinstrumental piece that cleanses your soul with beautiful guitar lines andminimal synth-washes. Finally, album closer "All My Life" begins withsoft strumming guitars and falsetto voices that slowly establish a cinematicclimax; which eventually morphs into the same piano melody heard in the firstsong.

Although the music is not exactly groundbreaking, it is refreshing to hear analbum in this genre that doesn't rely on roaring crescendos and studio tricks tostand out from the herd. With a full length album in the works, we can only hope that Sasoretains their minimal beauty without becoming redundant.

1. Introduction
2. I'll be the Judge of That
3. A Lesson Learnt
4. Numbskull
5. All My Life