Seascapes of the Interior All Safe, All Well

[Self-released; 2003]

Styles: gorgeous post-rock, cinematic beauty & stillness
Others: Rachel’s, Dirty Three, Sigur Ros, A Silver Mt. Zion, Auburn Lull

I've always dreamt of going sailing, I imagine the wind blowing through my hair, the rush & adrenaline of the motion and the sound of the waves crashing against the boat. The feeling is majestic even if only captured for a few minutes while in the process of a daydream. As I awaken and come back to my reality, I hear the sound once again that takes me back to this fictional place of such grace and solitude. There is melancholy and sadness present here but also a real sense of hope that tomorrow will be better than today and that life will transcend on to new territories & directions.

Seascapes of the Interior is my soundtrack, my vision, and my thoughts — at least for today and for their dedication to capturing this aural beauty so well, I literally cannot express enough gratitude. The band, which resides in Australia, looks at the world a little differently than most. They have a keen sense of awareness similar to Rachel’s for the moving and sweeping greatness that lies within life nudged in between all of our meaningless actions & daily routines. One can't help but feel that this band literally puts everything about themselves into their self-released music; these songs are absolutely phenomenal and really put the listener into calm & relaxed introspective state. The music bares resemblance mainly to the likes of Rachel’s (who the pianist is very influenced by), Sigur Ros, and considerable aspects of both Tarentel and Landing.  They take things a bit further with packaging that is literally one-of-a-kind, in that the band self-manufactured their own paper specifically for the handmade covers.

“Symbiont Step” is literally the calm before the storm as the waves sway back and forth, one can tell this ride is going to be intense. The image of a sunset comes to mind as I hear the luscious melodic sounds that the quintet creates in only a few minutes of development. The mood shifts a bitter later on as “Yarto” starts bringing to mind moments of GY!BE with a really delicate sample of how the Aborigines were mistreated throughout their history in Australia. I love this sample in that it really reminds you that this band is literally on the other side of the world — but yet we all share music as our common language. The rest of the disc finishes really nicely with the epic “Moving” closing things with a sense of emotion that I haven’t felt in some time. This extremely limited edition release of 500 (of which 200 are gone already) is an absolute necessity for anyone looking to put a little more beauty and feeling in their life. The ocean is quite distant from here and besides I don’t have the monetary funds to afford a sailboat. I can however hope for a similar breathtaking experience in my mind by letting this band take me somewhere just as nice, even if only for a little while, hoping things look a little better and a little brighter when I return.     

1. Symbiont Step
2. Entwined Essence Passing
3. I Patiently Watch the Blood Drain Away
4. Yarto
5. Yarto 1
6. Moving