Sega Bodega Ess B

[Crazylegs; 2017]

Rating: 3/5

Styles: club elastics
Others: AceMo, Jerome Worldwide Recordings

I‘m achingly alive in a darkness I can almost hold.
I’m in thick flux, half-aglow.
I’m listening to this &
It’s cold, but also heartwarming, this EP, Ess B.
Track by track a reframing emerges of
What’s possible inside of our bedrooms & the club.
Suddenly something there that wasn’t so big has got a spotlight on it;
A spotlight of tension, of romance &

I think “3310,” easily the best track on this EP, is about letting vulnerability into your life. Sometimes we need to view ourselves outside ourselves & have the courage to face something bigger than us. Whether that’s a hyperobject, a loop, a system, a person, a relationship. Cuz deep down we’ve all got the same secrets. & we’re all lonely. & when “3310” whispers for us to dive headfirst into the angelic quicksand, we hesitate because our lives, up to this point have been

On high alert. Because
We’re all ashamed of something.
Because, on chairs in front of computers, we are still bodies.

& there’s more to this:
The sense of the immediate;
In any attitude, including now;
The same way minks get minks;
Safari-like, w/ a sweet aftertaste;
Strings that rise in our stomachs;
Unrequited desire.

“Strings in April” ends this EP with the tears streaming down our eyes. What’s the point of all this sadness? My theory: even after a catharsis, a new problem will come. A new set of obstacles. That’s just life; the point of music is to imitate life without revealing what exactly is being imitated. For example: a word that needs to be said to someone.

One word. One.

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