Selfmademan The Daylight Robbery

[Small Man; 2003]

Rating: 2.5/5

Styles: emo, punk
Others: Hot Water Music, Millencolin, Small Brown Bike

Ever play a record in the background and suddenly wonder whether or not you accidentally hit the repeat button? That experience happened to me when I placed Selfmademan’s The Daylight Robbery in my stereo. I forgot that it was in there and found myself occupied doing things around the house. Something seemed wrong, however, so I checked my stereo to see if I had selected the repeat button. But what seemed to be one long song was actually five tracks which were practically indistinguishable.

I believe that my point has been made. Montreal’s Selfmademan mix a perfect radio friendly punk/emo vibe, and like so many other bands under the same musical style, they appear to do it consistently song after song (after song) without much of any variety at all. And as you reach the conclusion of the record, you will be under the impression that Selfmademan has created one song in nine different mixed versions. Beyond that, The Daylight Robbery doesn’t peak at all during its duration. Pretty songs with power punk and emo love, Selfmademan have created an incredibly mediocre and ordinary record.

Evidently, Selfmademan must recognized that what they do isn’t unfamiliar. And with this recognition should come with the desire to be different from other performers. At least that's the case for artists who aspire for something more than banal chord progressions and predictable song structures. Selfmademan must identify this fork in the road and come to a decision: continue to make boring and diluted music or choose a path that has been seldom traveled. It’s all up to them.

1. Who Will Sing to This?
2. Listen Closely This Time
3. Steel Toed Amputee
4. Quid Pro Quo
5. Nembered Like a Calendar
6. Pipeline
7. When Everything's Dead We Come Alive
8. Curtain's in Eight Months
9. Our Great Redistribution
10. Le Dernier Argument des Rois