Sightings Absolutes

[Load; 2003]

Styles: noise, experimental, early industrial
Others: Black Dice, Throbbing Gristle, Wolf Eyes

If you know of Load Records, then you basically know what you're getting yourself into with this release. Sure, you could argue with me about nuance, but I think we can all agree that the label definitely has a signature sound. Yes, most tracks combine brute force with layered complexity; and yes, it's really damn loud. It was once said, though, that god is in the details, and I argue that you were right to argue with me just a moment ago. Absolutes, by Brooklyn-based Sightings, is proof and point.

Throughout Absolutes, Sightings builds engaging, energetic rhythms, then proceeds to bury them deep within a grating din. And yet this is where the real intrigue lies; it's this sharp contrast between the simple, underlying beats and the overwhelming, though meticulously controlled abrasion that creates such an odd sense of harmony. Absolutes simply bursts at the seams with excitement and aggression.

What we have here is essentially dance music for the already initiated fans of Load Records. I can't, in good conscious, recommend Absolutes across the board, but those readers who have any inclination towards belligerent noise would be wise to pick this album up. Most of the tracks have infectious hooks, but the music always feels explosive and dangerous, as if encouraging you to keep a suspicious eye on it. This fact promotes a high replay value, making Absolutes undeniably worth owning.

1. White Keys
2. Infinity of Stops
3. Anna Mae Wong
4. Bishops
5. Canadian Money
6. Right Side of the Hall
7. E.E.
8. Reduction