Silver Daggers New High & Ord

[Load; 2007]

Styles: jazz-punk primal screaming
Others: Black Eyes, James Chance, Coughs

[This review is part of our Take Your Kids to Work Day special]

by Izzy Noodles (age 9 months), son of [David Nadelle->]

Hmm, “Silver Daggers”... sounds scary, but I’ll try anything for Tiny Mix Tapes. I like their drawerings. So what do we have here... it’s on Load Records, a label that is supposed to be super-cool-poo-poo (tee hee…:). I like the squiggles and colors on the front cover....

BLEeeeeAaaaRrrrGgggHhhhH!!! Ugh...WHAT IS THIS?!? Jeessssh… I drop less offensive things into my Huggies a few times every day! And I made less of a racket when I crashed through the cervix nine months ago! Mommmmmmmmmmmmy, make it stop!

Ah, that’s better. I had to take a break and get some serious swing time in. I am new to agitprop, but I am bewildered at getting my ears barraged by a maelstrom that seems to have no intelligence or importance to it. Maybe I could learn to appreciate the playing and the message, but to me, it feels like a case of noise for the noise’s sake. I mean, I am pretty young -- my political pendulum swings less than my bawlz at this point in my life -- so I don’t know what they are saying, but I don’t know if it matters. I can’t wholeheartedly recommend any of the TV toon tunes that I like to sit and listen to, but hearing Silver Daggers makes me want to...

See? Take that Silver Daggers! You’re not the only ones who can scream and squeal and scream and squeal. I can too! Woooaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! “Government is temporary!” Woooooooaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhh! “Movement. Pain. Movement. Pain” BBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

Alright...another try. I kinda liked the sax getting thrown in the mix at first, but now it is too much, and it makes me sad (most self-adoring TMTers like my father would call this sax sound “skronk” or something stupid like that, but that is so played out, even to me). New Hi Door, or whatever it is, makes me feel bad like when I eat pureéd wax beans. I can’t do it anymore... my attention span can’t handle the work required to “get” this, and besides, there is so much that is new to me and things to see and stuff to do that to spend any more time with this mess than I have to makes no sense.

Okay, enough of this. I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth. Punk skronk sucks dinkeys.

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