Single Frame Everything Wants To Be Used For What It Was Made For

[Volcom; 2006]

Rating: 3/5

Styles: eclectic synth-driven post-hardcore
Others: Milemarker, Death From Above, Me Without You, Reaching Quiet

Single Frame have a hodgepodge of items in the bed of their Dodge pickup. Adreon Henry is in the driver's seat, Jason Schleter is the navigating passenger, and Brendan Reilly is on roller-skates with a rope tied around his waist ”” the other end of the rope attached to the rear bumper. The truck bed is full of spare parts. Odds and ends have filled the rear (junk in the trunk) so that the heap can't make it through certain tunnels. Touring is difficult for this reason alone. Everything wants to be used for what it was made for, but everything can't get what it wants. Life isn't fair, not even to inanimate objects. But this is a remix record; it also includes demos and fragmented pieces. For this reason, the items in the back of the truck rattle around, ricocheting off the metallic walls at every turn (the model doesn't exactly hug curves). The pickup has a Kelly Blue Book trade-in value of $575; yet, the band has stumbled into a local Texas parade, right outside of Austin. They haven't emptied out the bed. In it are saws, a rapper on a microphone, aluminum, vox, a caged fan, plaster buckets, discarded brake pads, a few crusty paintbrushes, an old television with knobs, a rainbow-colored xylophone, and a blender. The truck bucks its front end, the grill and radiator pointing to the sky, and stampedes the marching band, the veterans with their poppies, and the mayor. Single Frame must compensate for damages. They sing with slacker drawls, rap with traditional cadences, shout through crunchy microphones, hammer out slimy synth lines, nitpick over which guitar strings to pluck, and invite friends to add their own eclectic ingredients. The crowd likes the gesture and will reciprocate by presenting Single Frame with the key to the city at the conclusion of the parade. Unfortunately, the Dodge pickup breaks down a couple blocks prior to reaching the grandstand and the band has to carry their equipment ”” their remix record ”” home. The townspeople applaud the band's efforts.

1. Icon
2. Guess What Angle
3. Taken For A Walk (Unreleased Dimeshot)
4. Silver Crime Lining (Abandonded Demo
5. Clippership (Machine Mix)
6. Exact Copy (Witch Dr. Remix by J-Mprint)
7. Nobody
8. Flying Circus (Apartment Mix)
9. Damaged (Fragments)
10. Post Daydream (First Day Demo)
11. Floral Design (Straight Line Remix by J-Mprint)
12. Sores For Change
13. Underground @ Noon (Sunlight Hits Remix by Creepy Kid)
14. Dry Lips (Car Stereo (Wars) Remix by Chris Rose)
15. People Are Germs (Monster Mash-Up Remix by Creepy Kid)
16. Digital Witness (Protection Remix by Creepy Kid)
17. Float Over Oregon