Skulllike Eggs On Equators

[Scarcelight; 2005]

Styles:  indie-rock
Others: Sonic Youth, Pavement, you know… those kinds of bands

I've purposely stayed away from one-sheets for awhile. Always hated them. A fellow rock writer recently suggested to his staff to actually use one of these PR tools as a response. Scarcelight's sheet asks me not to make lazy comparisons, but it's just too damn obvious. Chris Jeely worships Sonic Youth even down to the noisy jam that begins "Monarch." As much I love the Holy Trinity/Trilogy (Sister, Daydream Nation, Goo), this ain't no Dirty. "Skulllike makes a rare attempt in rock music to actually sound original" is as laughable as the band's poorly chosen moniker. I hate to be so harsh, but nothing offends my aesthetic more than an overwhelmingly mediocre piece of art or music. Jeely should stick to his solo Fahey-inspired work and leave second-rate Sonic Youth worship to albums like Worlds Apart.

1. Eyes
2. As / So
3. Wide Awake
4. Death Rides A Rainbow
5. Monarch
6. Eggs On Equators