Slowride Building a Building

[Deep Elm; 2003]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: power-punk, punk rock
Others: Foo Fighters, Queens of a Stone Age

Every band must go through this during their existence to continue to excel at what they personally want to achieve. But the pressure of this transition can ultimately bring your band to complete demise. You know what I’m talking about, right? Yep. The sophomore slump. The one specific hurdle in the early stages of a band that will clearly define whether the band has the potential for continual success or grandiose failure. Texas power trio Slowride have released their sophomore record, Building a Building, after the release of their mildly successful debut, As I Survive the Suicide Bomber. To the astonishment of their fans, Slowride's approach to this record has transitioned the group into a powerful, grinding punk rock outfit, borrowing from artists like Queens of a Stone Age and Local H to convincingly reestablish and reinvent their personal sound. And the outcome is stunningly successful.

Building a Building is full of powerful rock songs that convey a sense of passion and pleasure. The songs rummage through, creating a very dirty and gritty sound. Although Slowride have portrayed a sound that many artists have strived so hard to create, many may compare this record to early Foo Fighters. But even Dave Grohl couldn't portray the same affection and conviction that Slowride have on this album. The record stands-alone, without any song overpowering another, exemplifying unification and harmony.

For Slowride, the sophomore slump was only a time of transition and fine-tuning. With their more polished and extremely powerful approach, Slowride have made a wonderfully enjoyable record.

1. Solitary man
2. Smoke cigarettes
3. Panther 1
4. Panther 4
5. New and entitled
6. Sacrifice vs. apathy
7. Panther 2
8. Building a building
9. Track 13
10. Will and testament
11. Quitting again
12. Just do it