The Soft Pink Truth Do You Party?

[Soundslike; 2003]

Styles: IDM, funk, house
Others: Akufen, Herbert, Matmos

Drew Daniel, aka The Soft Pink Truth, wants me to be a bad girl. I just know it. Within ten minutes of having bought Do You Party?, I felt dirty. In a fast-food outlet in the middle of the city, sitting a nose-hair's distance from the men's toilets, I guiltily unwrapped the attractively absurd packaging to find Mr Daniel staring at me from within the parted covers, wearing a suggestive pink and green tie and sipping a Martini.

Employing the same intricate cut-and-paste as good pal Matthew Herbert, Daniel refines a prototype for a new brand of dirty party electro-funk that brings Prince into the twenty-first century. What saves the album from being just another glitch excursion is the artificial frontman that Daniel serves up over the top of his palatable booty-shaking clicks and whirrs. Words and utterances from past funk and rap anthems are spliced together with the now unmistakable sound of computer speech software to create a grisly "Funkenstein" robot ready to whip you into a frenzy at Daniel's one-man laptop funk party. It's most effective on tracks like "Gender Studies," a five-minute history of the representation of women in rap music, as presented by the lovechild of Aphex Twin and Funkadelic-- or its bumping companion piece, "Big Booty Bitches." Daniel's manipulation of voice samples makes for such interesting listening that it upstages the "real" vocals of actual human being Blevin Blectum who appears on the Peaches-esque track "Make Up."

Folks, this is a record that you and I wish we could have sex to.

1. Everybody's Soft
2. Gender Studies
3. PromoFunk
4. Make Up
5. Coat Check
6. Soft On Crime
7. Satie (Grey Corduroy Suit)
8. Soft Pink Missy
9. Big Booty Bitches
10. Over You (No Love)
11. I Want To Thank You