Some Girls Heaven’s Pregnant Teens

[Epitaph; 2006]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: screamo, noise rock, hardcore, grindcore, core-licouscore
Others: The Locust, Daughters, The Blood Brothers, Give Up the Ghost

Justin Pearson has been a busy boy: tours with The Locust, an EP from Headwound City, and now the sophomore LP (at a whopping 25 minutes) from Some Girls, Heaven's Pregnant Teens. If you're a fan of any of Pearson's other bands, you probably have a good idea what to expect: a pummeling. Essentially, this sounds like The Locust minus those quasi-catchy keyboards, but with more human-sounding vocals courtesy of Wes Eisold of American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost fame. Though this album contains a fair amount of Fantômas-style twists and turns, Some Girls' strength lies in honing in on the best elements of hardcore, fast parts to get your fist pumping, and breakdowns to get your foot stomping. Fortunately, it leaves out things like macho-posturing and ridiculous attempts at melody. Things kick off fanstastically with "Beautiful Rune," whose minimal intro is absolutely thrilling by using a fairly simple formula, fast and hard. They pretty much stick to those two ideas throughout, with a few exceptions — a cover of PiL's "Religion II" and the nine-minute chainsaw dirge that closes the album, "Deathface." While this album won't win any new fans over by its sonics alone, the Epitaph label on the back may help the band bust a few new eardrums.

1. Beautiful Rune
2. Hot Piss
3. Dead in a Web
4. Warm Milk
5. You'll Be Happier With Lower Standards
6. Ex Nuns/ Dead Dogs
7. Totally Pregnant Teens
8. Bone Metal
9. Marry Mortuary
10. Religion II
11. Skull's Old Girlfriends
12. Retard and Feathered
13. Deathface