Sparks Fly From a Kiss Sparks Fly From a Kiss

[Ambiguous City; 2003]

Rating: 2/5

Styles: rock, indie rock, emo
Others: Jimmy Eat World, Jets to Brazil

Since my first review with TMT, I have personally steered clear away from anything I would consider emo or be given the tag of emo-licious. So when I received a copy of Sparks Fly From A Kiss’s self titled album, I quickly dismissed it as glossy emo and placed it directly on my ‘I will get to this later’ pile of records. But without tarnishing your opinion of this band, let me explain where this observation came from and the misleading force behind my actions.

Sparks Fly From a Kiss, for starters, must have been totally intoxicated when they chose their band name. Not only does it cry ‘emoville!!” but it could possibly be one of the worst band names ever. And the music doesn’t fall too far behind this prediction. Sure, many teenagers and young adults may find this music intellectually challenging, but what I hear on the entire record is a band that is trying to reach an audience that is found listening to mainstream radio hits only. Don’t get me wrong, as many artists are guilty of the same thing. There is one attempt at redemption with the quirky and devilishly addictive “Stereo to Heaven,” but what is evident is that the attempt at stardom may really be deciphered and analyzed by the actual musical talent of the band. And there are no strengths on this record at all. Nothing is shockingly new or appealing, and the record falls flat as quickly as you can say "sparks fly from a kiss." Beyond the fluff and emotional toll of listening to this record more than once, Sparks Fly From A Kiss may have found their niche at the cliché and tedious sound of emo and may develop a prosperous career continuing to attempt at television and radio stardom. But at the end of the day, many will dismiss this record just because it is completely unrewarding and ultimately unsatisfying.

1. Beat the artist
2. Engaged
3. Big day squad
4. My baby's all gone, your baby's all gone
5. Stereo to heaven
6. Sweetener