Styrofoam Duck Emergency’s Only Friend

[Modern Radio; 2006]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: math-punk, approachable noise
Others: Pavement, Why?, Beat Happening

What to make of spelling and grammatical errors on the one-sheet? What to make of giant talking styrofoam ducks on stage? This playfulness and irreverence is in contrast to the cryptic lyrics and precise guitar thrashing, crashing, crunching, and munching. The guitars are kept in a crypt, apparently. Regardless, singer Ben Brockway can still conjure up a sweet Malkmus-like melody. So it's not all mausoleum amps and ossuary drum kits. What to make of Dan Ciernia and Jason Power? Well, they are the supporting cast, keeping things in order for the almost Guided By Voices-esque quick burst of glory in the short song. The music of Styrofoam Duck is equal parts sinister and smiles. So what to make of Styrofoam Duck? Gee, I don't know. They don't proofread. They have a sense of humor. They also have a flair for the morose. Halloween may be their favorite holiday. Their music is clear, but cluttered with mangled guitar strings. Each song degenerates into a buzz, a din. One will find the din to be entertaining, though.

1. Intro
2. Homeless Guy
3. Minion/Opinion
4. Sailing Down Cum River
5. Afraid of Heights
6. Freedom Rocks
7. Empty Space
8. Crissaunt Parade
9. Build Your Coffin
10. Outro