sunn 0))) The Grimmrobe Demos

[Southern Lord; 2005]

Rating: 4.5/5

sunn 0))) should be a relatively familiar name to you by now. They have received
quite a bit of acclaim over the last couple of years, and their name has slowly
been popping up everywhere. When it comes to doom metal and demonic drones, it's
safe to say that sunn 0))) has firmly planted themselves at the head of the
pack. I'm speaking of Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson, the only two constant
members of sunn 0))). In addition to collaborating with artists like Julian
Cope, Lasse Marhaug, and Attila Csihar, they are also responsible for a fairly
lengthy list of bands (Khanate, Goatsnake, Thorr's Hammer, Teeth of Lions Rule
the Divine, and Ginnungagap). But sunn 0))) is indisputably the most
recognizable of these acts, and certainly the one that gets the most exposure.

Those in the know will tell you that this is not a new album, in which case they
would be correct. The Grimmrobe Demos was originally released on
Hydrahead back in 1998, with only 500 copies seeing the light of day. However,
with this new release, there is new packaging and the songs are paired with an
extra live track, called "Grimm and Bear It." And just so you know, this review
pertains to the CD version of the album. Southern Lord will soon be releasing it
on vinyl with an additional song, called "Dusk: ReHearseHell," for those who
just have to collect them both.

As with all their albums, The Grimmrobe Demos' songs are long and dark.
There are no drums or lyrics, just a guitar and bass that suck you into the
deepest black sludge your ears can handle. In some instances it can even wear
you down, as the frequencies they aim for have been proven (in my own
headphones) to have an adverse affect on the nervous system. What is so unusual
about these drones is that, because of their low frequencies, you feel as though
you can keep turning the volume up. That is until you stop listening and realize
that you've actually done some temporary damage to your eardrums. Don't believe
me; listen to this stuff as loud as you want. Now that's fucking rock and roll,

The last original song, "Dylan Carlson," is probably the most damaging, and with
good reason. Dylan Carlson is the founding member of the band Earth, to which sunn 0))) has given many nods to over the course of their career. Taking off
where Earth left off has done the gents very well. They've named songs after
members of the band and even named side-projects after their song titles. Yet,
at this point, I think it's safe to say that sunn 0))) has pretty much made
their own name for themselves. This new issue of older material is just what the
doctor ordered. It's another example of why drone music can be such a joyous
event, and it proves why these two gentlemen are unmatched in the game of

1. Black Wedding
2. Defeating Earth's Gravity
3. Dylan Carson
4. Grimm and Bear It (live)

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