T-Cells Split (with Fast Forward)

[Three One G; 2004]

Rating: 1/5

Styles: minimalist electronic, industrial, noise
Others: NIN, Chinese Stars, Milemarker

The best thing about this split release by mysterious Three One G bands Fast Forward and T-Cells is the packaging. Rather than assigning each band to one half of an 80-minute CD, the label opted to include a mini CD (which of course won't work on anything that doesn't have a tray with the appropriate groove, like a computer CD-ROM drive) for each band and separate pieces of artwork for both discs. Both bands include some people who have been in standard-bearers the Locust and Le Shok, which I suppose must be the excuse for releasing half-assed crap like this. Neither loud, fast, nor catchy, neither danceable, rhythmically interesting nor lyrically discernable (save nonsense like "White Pride / Black Power / Everybody jump in the shower" on the Fast Forward side), this release is a couple interesting blips and beeps away from complete and utter crap. It seems as though Three One G is hoping to create a viable subgenre of half-assed industrial electronic music based upon the fact that the Locust has Moog riffs, and ends up creating a bunch of piss-takes on Milemarker's "U.S.S.R." This music comes off as a joke at the listener's expense, combining arbitrary, "controversial" political messages, and art-school free-for-all aesthetics with a real lack of regard for constructing interesting tunes. Please, guys, pick up your guitars.

Fast Forward:
1.Hate is Growing
3.Race Relations
5.My Struggle

1. Deformed
2. Finger in the Socket
3. Maserati
4. Whup Me
5. Drunken