Tiger Saw Sing!

[Kimchee; 2005]

Styles: ballad folk, plaintive
Others: a pipe organ and ornate robots

Tiger Saw reminds me that a majority of the abstract things reviewers like to write about are inconsequential when music is really spiritual. While they're all certainly part of music, elements like intricately-woven arrangements, perfectly arranged instrumentation, and, tightly-crafted musicianship can at times take a back seat to a more riveting give-and-take. The artists who embrace the latter focus on creating a soundscape in place of something so specific as a piece of music. Though the truth may be closer to the fact that Tiger Saw is limited by the aforementioned standards, Dylan Metrano has honed his ability to create such soundscapes through simple, powerful exclamations. On Sing!, the huge band and choir sound ambitious. The strength of the music and message, however, is their overwhelming simplicity. Most of the songs on this album tackle the inner workings of loneliness, but this is by no means a drab record. Instead, through repeated vocal themes, the record challenges the listener to take in all aspects of the state they are in. The only comparison I could draw from would involve a pipe organ and ornate robes. Little music that I've heard has the same affects.

1. Sing!
2. Singing With Ghosts
3. The Sun
4. O, Dylan
5. Postcards & Letters
6. For Adrian
7. For Molly
8. Lord Knows I Need My Own Place to Stay
9. The Tiger & The Tailor
10. Snow
11. The Sea