Tim Midgett It Goes Like This EP

[Three Lobed; 2002]

Rating: 4.5/5

Styles: indie rock, alt-country
Others:  Silkworm

As with any solo work, the question is whether it would appeal to anyone or just to fans of the band that person is from. In this case, it’s my opinion that people who are already familiar with Tim’s lyrical and vocal style will enjoy this EP more than those who are not. However, those people should not discount it because it is a solid ep with many great qualities.

I was first drawn to the last half, mainly because I immediately loved Tim’s acoustic version of “Young” (originally on SKWM’s Italian Platinum with Kelly Hogan at the mic). But after repeated listenings, here’s what I have to say: Tim’s songwriting ability is as great as ever. These songs have his own brand of storytelling and lyricism that Silkworm fans have come to know and love. He mentioned on their website that these were songs that he either just wanted to document for himself or demo for possible SKWM use later on and I can see some of these songs in a Silkworm setting. Especially “Portable Life” or “Bar Ice” which contains the poignant lyric: “I’ve got blood like bar ice, so cold it barely makes it through my heart”.

The only song that I questioned being included was his cover of “Time of the Season” by the Zombies. It’s not a song that I ever particularly liked so I was just mildly interested and enjoying his duet with himself.... then the guitar solo wrenched it’s way in. Kind of grabs your attention like the solo in “Miracle Mile” from Firewater and just makes you grin. Like I said this is a solid EP and a must-have for all you Silkworm fans out there. There were only a couple hundred made so get it while you can.

1. As Long...
2. Portable Life
3. Bar Ice
4. Young
5. Time of the Season
6. Something Hyper

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