Tindersticks Waiting for the Moon

[Beggars Banquet; 2003]

Rating: 2.5/5

Styles: chamber pop, melancholic rock
Others: Scott Walker, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Gallon Drunk

Tindersticks’ Waiting for the Moon is their sixth proper release and one thing is evident after one listen to the album. With much chagrin (literally, this sad core music can really get to me), I can only give up and accept that the Tindersticks only do what they are good at.  Waiting for the Moon shows no glimpse of any musical evolvement at all for the band. It may be clear to say that the album runs along the same line as “Curtains” or Can our Love and I feel like I have been fooled into buying the same album over again. Other than the beautiful and melodic “Say Goodbye to the City” the album doesn’t raise any higher than the heart.

But aren’t the Tindersticks’ good at what they do? They have been around since the 90s and show no signs of terminating their love for sad music.  Powerful lyrics like “So this dying slowly, It seems better than shooting myself” truly attack your emotions and sentiments. But as time progresses, most will admit that sad music is not in the forefront of today’s trendy musical disposition. Hence the fact that Jason Molina of Songs: Ohia has supplemented his sound with more liveliness and good old rock ‘n roll on his Magnolia Electric Co. Even Mogwai are trying to get happy with their most recent release Happy Songs for Happy People. Nevertheless, Tindersticks have kept close to their ever-depressing formula to grace us with ten more songs of gloominess, melancholy and misery. And that’s all we can ask of them. But one question remains; will the Tindersticks continue to impress with their authentic sadness or will they die an eminent slow death with their new release Waiting for the Moon? Their faith rests in the hands of the sad, lonely, depressed, dejected, unhappy…….

1. Until the morning comes
2. Say goodbye to the city
3. Sweet memory
4. 4:48 psychosis
5. Waiting for the moon
6. Trying to find a home
7. Sometimes when it hurts
8. My oblivion
9. Just a dog
10. Running wild