Tiny Masters of Today Bang Bang Boom Cake

[Mute; 2007]

[This review is part of our Take Your Kids to Work Day special]

by Eve Gliddon (age 7), daughter of [Chris Gliddon->http://www.tinymixtapes.com/_Chris-Gliddon_]

It was crassy and I likd it and it was like rock and roll it was abowt kids having fun and Girls Were singing. it was a boy tocking abowt words and he said you say no I say yes. it was cool and it was a boy tocking abowt music was fun and cool. it was some boys tocking abowt a discow ball and a danc flor it sowid relly cool. it Was like rock and roll. it's bete was cool. and funy. it Was rily cool and it's bete was mmm and I likde it.

(Then she had to go to bed because mom didn't want to listen to it anymore, the end.)

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