Tomutonttu Hylyt

[Dekorder; 2012]

Styles: experimental madness
Others: Avarus, Kemialliset Ystävät

In a lot of science fiction movies, there comes a point where the aliens want to communicate with us, and they wish to choose a form pleasing to the human protagonists. To me, that’s often what experimental musicians unknowingly do every day: They (the good ones, at least) invent fresh audio guises we can enjoy for reasons, and from sources, most of us don’t quite understand. The problem is, even when artists get it spot-on, they often “blow-up” their sound for the warmth of a new, unfamiliar yet pleasing identity once a one-off record is in the can.

My point? I hope Tomutonttu stick with what they have going for at least a few more full-length adventures. But perhaps I should present the contents of Hvlvt in another way: A gust of wind blows through the curtains in my room like Idiot Wind; Corpus Christi is a tunnel with a constant barrage of ocean breeze, and it’s the perfect place to listen to the zapped-out space muzik of Tomutonttu. This one-man project by Jan Anderzen replicates the sounds of life, then spins them around and returns them in triplicate, achieving a glorious vision-quest high attributable to gangloads of Starving Weirdos LPs, Smegma, Landing, Emeralds, AC + T.Tones, Ensemble Economique stripped of its beats, Eric Copeland, Aaron Dilloway, flash.bat, and, least surprisingly, Avarus and Kemialliset Ystävät, as both count T-ttu’s Jan Anderzen as a member.

I’m not sure how Hylyt could be improved upon. Avarus were one of the first sub-level improv groups I ever sampled and gave a hot-damn about, so he’s had my ear for half a decade already, but Anderzen’s solo vision is so clear, concise, and relentless, powerful enough to cave in the chest. The barrage of rhythms hits like pins and needles on your head as your mind tunes to outer reaches, delicate and light (albeit occasionally relentless enough to break the skin). Milky effects chains swim and twist around in the air like Metroid monsters, a constant supply of fresh innovation channeling all manner of evil atrocities, from bug calls to frog croaks to flesh rips to cricket chirps to walkie-talkie tweaks to synthsterism.

The technology to create the Hylyt LP already existed, but we weren’t ready until now. See that you seek it out (and yes, it’s an import) before the future catches up with you.

Links: Tomutonttu - Dekorder


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