The Tyde Three’s Co.

[Rough Trade; 2006]

Styles: indie surf rock, beach boogie
Others: Beach Boys, Felt, Flying Burrito Brothers

From 1992 until late 1996, a teenage sitcom ran on Saturday mornings as part of NBC's T-NBC lineup. The show was California Dreams, a Peter Engel production (the man who brought us Saved by the Bell). The show followed the troublesome and often bizarre adventures of a band, The Dreams. The band played light, fluffy, California pop, typically to a surf shop restaurant audience. Sly Winkle managed the band. The Dreams disbanded in 1996 when the show came to an end. What most people don't know is the influence of Sly Winkle on the band's undoing.

Seeking more indie credibility and a stronger set of performers, Winkle (always fox-like and plotting) abandoned The Dreams and left them out to dry (surfer's worst nightmare). He in turn discovered Darren Rademaker. This was Winkle's ticket to Pitchfork coverage and a slot at All Tomorrow's Parties. This was Sylvester Winkle's dream.

The Tyde take surf pop and give it a gaze. Meditative vocals and steady swirls of guitar riffs are like the ocean waves. Dreamy, isn't it? This album is released to the tan and sunburnt masses at the perfect time. It's end-of-summer music. This summer won't be endless, but there are hopes for an Indian summer. A remix by James Figurine will guide us into the cold. But for now you have the lilt of the sun. You have the last drips of lotion from the bottle of sunscreen. You have the sand to beat from the netting of your swim trunks. This is a lighthearted concession ”” let the seasons take their course. These are tranquil songs. Brought to you by Sly Winkle, without the financial backing of Engel Productions.

1. Do It Again Again
2. Brock Landers
3. Separate Cars
4. Too Many Kims.
5. Glassbottom Lights
6. The Lamest Shows
7. Ltd. Appeal
8. County Line
9. Aloha Breeze
10. The Pilot
11. Don't Need a Leash
12. Glassbottom Lights (James Figurine Remix)
13. Don't Need a Leash (Nobody Remix)