Ui Answers

[Southern; 2003]

Styles: reggatta de blanc, post-rock, experimental
Others: Heroic Doses, Liquid Liquid, Euphone

Listening to the triumphant triad opening this treasure trove of an instrumental rock album, I am reminded of the similarly winsome progressions of the Heroic Doses album. Anyone who's into the more sprightly side of instrumental rock should not pass up Heroic Doses or this album. While Ui's older stuff is really good, this entry expands on their sound in the most enticing of ways. Unlike Jaga Jazzist's The Stix, Answers infuses their lightning quick changes and tactile bells and whistles with some truly infectious, funky grooves. Restraint pays off well here, since all of the sounds are so rich and varied. So you aren't getting too many little audio treats at once,  and the songs are all of standard pop-song length. This is much of what made Heroic Doses work so well. Balancing well-honed musicianship with the earnest desire to rock out with some tasty licks.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself grinning from ear to ear while listening to this. The amiable hooks will fill up your own personal void while you do the herk 'n jerk to the tight rhythms. This is just what the doctor ordered for will(oma. I needed this after being so fretfully disappointed by the last Dianogah album. Both artists have the capability, at their best, to make the bass really shine as a lead instrument. This album, unlike Millions of Brazillians, has little to no low points. But I'd be lying if I didn't say that the main melody of "Banjo" isn't Dave Matthews Band minus the vox and soprano sax. But, come to think of it, I might actually like Dave Matthews Band if they eschewed these items. This is anti-indie rock indie-rock, in that it stays innovative while ushering in moments of sunniness that would make the average Rapture or Black Dice fan sneer considerably. I don't mind this at all. Like the song says, put a little love in your heart. Just a little, though. You don't wanna over-do it.

1. Back Up
2. Get Hot, You Bum
3. Mrs. Lady Lady
4. Sunny Nights
5. Answers
6. The Headache Boat
7. Boxer-Painter
8. Banjo
9. Sleep Hold
10. Elettrodomestici
11. Please Release Me
12. John Fitch Way
13. Lullaby