U.S. Maple Acre Thrills

[Drag City; 2001]

Rating: 4.5/5

Styles: math rock, experimental rock
Others: Don Caballero, Shellac, Jim O’Rourke


Chicago's weirdest band, eh? Frankly, when I bought Acre Thrills, I was expecting to be alienated and put off by the music. But I'm a music snob, so I had to own at least one really avant-garde album by these guys. Though I hear this is the most melodic of their works, I have to say that Acre Thrills isn't THAT strange. Especially if you've ever listened to the crazier side of grind-core. The closest comparison for this music is an arrhythmic Don Caballero with someone moaning and gasping over top of it. Doesn't sound too good, does it? Fortunately, this album is both interesting and occasionally (gasp!) pleasant. "Open a Rose" is almost catchy, while the rest of the album gives the listener time to appreciate the skills of the musicians and the lyrical intentions before plunging into each catharsis. Isn't it time you owned an avant-garde album you actually liked?

1. Ma Digital
2. Babe
3. Rice Ain't Afraid Of Nothing
4. untitled
5. Obey Your Concert
6. Total Fruit Warning
7. Open A Rose
8. Make Your Bedroom Great
9. Chang, You're Attractive
10. Troop And Trouble
11. untitled