Various Artists: Wold Music Muggy Vol.1

[Wold Music; 2018]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: sample pack, ↩∞↩∞↩∞↩∞↩, ˈsemēˌkōlən
Others: Hype Williams, Kim Gordon, Woodsist

The newest World Music (allegedly a Dean Blunt label) release is a compilation titled Muggy Vol.1. It’s a solid study in modern production, PG-rated bedroom jams, beat-tape mentality, and brandished feminism. Sonically, Muggy Vol.1 is hax’d sampler built on live drumming that ritualizes a magic- and romantically broken world within a “Who’s your turn?” Lyrically, it’s a sultry sponge for head nodders looking to get dizzy on the intox-vibe legitimized in a broken question: “When did privacy become the dominance of human psyche?”

Had a dream last night an old coworker shot you in the face, which made you feel invisible, because you didn’t die. Looked in the mirror and a stream down your cheek from the red dot upon your forehead. A tear drop now from steep cheek bones lace the speed this stream of blood leaks down your neck, into your shirt, arriving pink upon mixing with chest sweat and white-ironed fabric.


Lavished in the spray of I appreciate u, bs in a single day. JK! Nobody gives a shit, and that’s clever; that’s very smart; you should’ve gone Reddit w/ that wit! #charming Muggy Vol. 1’s coerces listeners with an intense charisma. Like how short a beat-tape is in length or something committed. However, Muggy Vol. 1 feels intentionally non-committal. One can listen to these song, all these songs, on repeat for hours. You can do Muggy Vol. 1 all the way through multiple times, or each track for an hour on repeat. Lost in this unabashed looped beat, incomplete. Impatient.

Overhearing “I sucked off John McCain once, and that’s what gave him brain cancer,” on the X-train from the pierced mouth of a punk with green hair, followed by “So fucking purple! Yo, yo-yo: ‘Who is your president and what does he do?’” *an argument about who’s smarter*,,, ending on, “uBeen had Casa Asia?”

The real excitement is what’s next for World Music? One last chance to claim, claim it all; semicolon. ‘In c cloud now always, Muggy Vol. 1 is like licking something off your hand not too far from here. It’s not a bad joke, but a prep-test and casual lounging before a big drop, we’re sure. Chicken Soup for the Vegan Soul: Zombie Soy. We all absorb flavor.

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